plans01bLandscape architecture design is a combination of art and science. I have been working at my profession since the construction of Montreal’s Expo’ 67 and have developed the artistic expression and the technical skills. My job is to maximize the potential of your project and I follow a very deliberate process to do so. I bring this experience and enthusiasm to your project. I work with you the owner to prepare a landscape architectural design that exceeds your expectations. I charge professional fees for design services rendered. I am independent of contractors and suppliers, I represent you the owner.

My design process:

  • Conduct initial site visit to view your site and to discuss your objectives, needs, and the scope of work with you.
  • Prepare a proposed work program and fee proposal and submit this to you for approval.
  • Upon acceptance, I begin analysis and evaluation of the site, defining key factors such as drainage, potentials and constraints. This includes a review of municipal regulations.
  • I prepare a landscape architectural concept plan in sketch format and review this with you.
  • With your comments I prepare the final development, planting plans and details.
  • I select the materials with you and prepare preliminary cost estimates.
  • Final  drawings are prepared for contractor’s use in preparing quotations and to direct construction.
  • I assist you to select a contractor and to obtain the materials.
  • I provide project management services and construction inspection services as agreed upon with you.

Professional Fees, written proposal, no surprises.